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Horse Rescue"In March of 2003, I would drive by an ole' dirt lot and see a precious white horse standing all alone, taking shade under the only small tree in its fenced-in area. I had never had a horse before, but I somehow felt drawn to this beautiful creature. I would occasionally drive by his home just to see him. One day the owner was outside, so I stopped and asked if I could pet her horse. She said, "yes", and gave me carrots to feed to him. Well, it was "love at first bite", when the owner asked if I was interested in buying him.

And so starts my story of the love and admiration I have for these glorious animals. After much research I began to understand the dire need for a facility in the Coachella Valley that caters to abused, neglected or otherwise sick or lame horses. My love of Squirt drove me to establish Forever Free Horse Rescue, where each life is highly valued and cared for until its passing. Our horses are not adopted out, but are more a part of an ever expanding family. My "Squirty" brought me so much joy and happiness and I can never thank him enough for showing me how to love. He gave me a peace within my soul I have never known and though Squirt was only with me for one year before his passing, I will never forget how much he has taught me and how much love he brought to me".

I miss you Squirty!

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