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Brett - Rescued HorseBRETT
In August 2004 my veterinarian brought to my attention a horse in dire need of help. His name is Brett and he has eye cancer. Located at a horse facility nearby, I went to see Brett and immediately made arrangements to adopt him so I could see to it that he had the surgery necessary to save his eye, as it was inevitable that it would be lost. In a matter of days, Brett received the eye-saving surgery he needed so desperately and the the procedure was a huge success. As you can see by picture #2 he was completely recovered within one month's time. Today, Brett is a healthy, happy horse enjoying his new friends and grazing with the ability to see with both eyes!


Update: A Tribute to Brett This is my beloved Brett.  It is with great anguish that I inform you of his passing.  He suffered from laminitis and although we were able to save his eye from cancer, we could not save him from this debilitating disease.  If you recall Brett was adopted as a pair with his buddy Shadow.  After Shadow’s passing, Brett made great friends with our beautiful horse Faith, and they were inseparable.  They were housed next to each other, ate together, grazed together and were overall great companions.  It was a beautiful friendship that was so incredible to watch unfold.
            The day of Brett’s passing, just before he actually died, he nuzzled up to Faith and quite literally gave her a kiss.  It was a heartbreaking moment.  When Brett passed Faith whinnied and whinnied  She became very lonely and was eventually moved to the ranch in Garner Valley so she would no longer be alone, and is adjusting quite well.
            Oh Brett, my big beautiful boy… I will miss you.  You are now “forever free” to graze and run with Shadow.  I will see you again my friend… wait for me!

Before Rescue


Brett - Rescued Horse
Brett - Rescued Horse Brett - Rescued Horse After Rescue
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