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Forever Free Horse Rescue - Duke and Faith

After the loss of Pentar, Wyndham, and Sunny, but before the loss of our precious Gunnar, I brought in two new rescues, Duke and Faith, after receiving a call from a frantic woman claiming she could not feed her horses. She claimed she was not getting any sleep at night because the horses were kicking their feeders wanting something to eat after admitting that sometimes they go without food for two or three days at a time. I told her I would take them some hay, and once I arrived and saw their physical condition, I decided they needed to be removed and she gladly released them to me. She also claimed that Duke had been diagnosed with pneumonia by a local veterinarian who turned out not to be a vet at all, but just a man who gave this woman penicillin to inject, and not knowing what she was doing, caused two huge, painful lumps on both sides of his neck. Come to find out Duke suffers from a chronic cough due to asthma, and will have to be on an anti-histamine for the duration of his life. Duke has suffered so unnecessarily.

Faith was bred at the Merv Griffin Ranch Co., and foaled in 2000. She was obviously to be used as a race horse. Her past is unknown and how she ended up living in this condition I do not know, but because of her lack of proper nutrition and care, her legs are a mess, leaving her ruined at such a young age. I am appalled! Duke and Faith have shown signs of extreme separation anxiety, and do not tolerate being further than a few feet from each other. I have never had a gelding and a mare together before, but after observing the two of them together it is obvious their love for each other, so together they shall remain. Duke is approximately 30 years old and Faith is now 13. My heart has been deeply affected by their story, and it is my promise to Duke and Faith that they will never, ever, go hungry again!

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