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Ernie - Rescued Horse








Ernie - Rescued Horse

Ernie is a handsome boy.  He has a few health issues, such as coughing attacks when dust is being raised.  I also keep him in shoes on his front feet which appears to keep him more comfortable.  Ernie sometimes seems sad to me and I am sure he is missing Rocky.  They were inseparable.  I know in time and with lots of love he’ll be okay.  He now spends a lot of time with General who is his “buddy”.  Ernie you are so special, and I love you.

In 2005, Forever Free Horse Rescue welcomed Ernie to his much deserved retirement. He was 22 at the time, and despite being a familiar fixture at many Palm Springs events, it was time to go to a life of leisure. Ernie had originally worked around cattle before joining the Palm Springs Police Department Mounted Enforcement. Unfortunately age, asthma and bad feed had caught up with him. Amid great fanfare, Ernie was retired with three other mounted police horses, General, Rocky and Falstaff, all who came to live out their lives at Forever Free. Instead of crowd control duties at the Hot Rod weekend, or being the center of attention at a family event like Village Fest, Ernie’s life was one of summers in Garner Valley and winters in Bermuda Dunes. He even managed to relocate with our entire herd to the new Forever Free ranch in Aguanga. For nine years this handsome chestnut quarterhorse has been pampered at Forever Free. The pace was slower than his life as a police horse; no early morning wake-up, no drill practices…just a life of alfalfa, carrots and lots of love.

Ernie was the last of the four police horses at Forever Free. Although there is a definite void here at the rescue, I know I did everything to make sure all the needs were met for these “heroes”. But, just as the police department knew when it was time to retire, so too did I know it was time to let Ernie find peace. At the ripe age of 32, my beloved Ernie passed. Perhaps it is because of the length of time that I had Ernie, is why it is so difficult to adjust to this loss. It’s still so hard to walk by his empty stall and not see his precious face.

I love you and miss you Ernie, and I will always remember you not only for your courage, but your kind and gentle spirit as well. You are my “hero”.

Ernie - Rescued Horse

Ernie - Rescued Horse
This is Ernie with his sponsor Ms. Tami Shaver. Tami is an irreplaceable part of Ernie's life and loves to spend time grooming and loving on him. In return you can tell how Ernie loves Tami. Many, many thanks to Tami for supporting not only financially, but spiritually as well!
Ernie - Rescued Horse
Ernie - Rescued Horse Ernie - Rescued Horse



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