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Faith - Rescued Horse FAITH
This is Faith. Faith came to me by way of Animal Control in Thousand Palms, CA. They called to say they had picked up a horse that could no longer be cared for by her owner and she needed a home. A couple of hours later, Faith arrived at Forever Free. Her legs are crooked, she is in need of medical care, and is currently undergoing evaluation by our Vet. When she came to me she didn't have a name so I decided to call her Faith. I believe it is faith that brought her to me and I am so thankful. Faith, you will never have to be concerned for anything ever again!
Faith - Rescued Horse

UPDATE: A Tribute to Faith

This is my beautiful baby girl Faith.  It is once again I report with great sadness to my friends and supporters that another of my precious horses has passed away.  Faith lost her struggle with severe arthritis and leg deformity on Saturday, July 28, 2007.  Her pain level was so obviously excruciating and the vet said there was nothing else we could do for her.  Sometimes the hard decisions have to be made.  Faith came to Forever Free Horse Rescue by way of Animal Control.  Her previous owner could no longer care for her and it was decided that she would have to find a new home.  I was contacted by Animal Control, and well, the rest is history.  Faith has been with us ever since and had found her way into the core of my soul.  If you recall in July’s newsletter, Faith was Brett’s buddy.  Brett lost his struggle with laminitis the previous month and also passed. 
            I can’t tell you how hard this is.  Each of these beautiful creatures are more than just horses to me, they are my family, my children, and with the passing of each of them, I lose an enormous portion of my heart.  However, I remain strong because the rest of the herd needs me and my commitment is to love and care for them and to let them live forever free!

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