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Forever Free Horse Rescue - General GENERAL
This is General.  He is 32 and came to us as a retired mount for the Palm Springs Police Department.  We have been working diligently trying to help General put on weight.  Slowly but surely, he seems to be packing on a few pounds.  General is blind in one eye, but this does not keep him from moving about and grazing at the ranch.  He also is quite deaf, but will respond to touch when he knows you are there.  His demeanor is very laid back and he's such a sweet ole' guy.  We love having him as part of our family!
Forever Free Horse Rescue - General UPDATE: A Tribute to General

General was one of four horses that retired to the pastures of Forever Free after faithfully serving along side Palm Springs finest as a police mount. When duty called General answered with pride and dignity. He was held in very high esteem by the officer's who worked with him, and they regarded him as ever faithful and true. At the age of 35 General was showing signs of aging and his health began to fail, but this did not keep him from being a sweet and loving horse. Recently he struggled with rising up in the morning and I began to wonder how much longer he was going to be able to go on and knew in my heart his time was drawing near. I also knew that he would let me know when he had had enough of the suffering. And let me know he did. Tuesday morning he tried desperately to get up, but he just couldn't so I called my vet. in Garner Valley Dr. Roberta Zajac, and she agreed it was time. This decision is agonizing at best, but I have peace in my heart knowing that General lived a full, happy, and content life with me. He passed very peacefully from this world to the next and was brave and valiant to the end. I am in awe of this wonderful horse who served mankind so faithfully, and I am so very grateful that for a brief moment in time I had the privilege of serving him. Be at peace my friend...I love you!

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