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Magnum - Rescued Horse MAGNUM UPDATE
It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of our beautiful, spirited Magnum. Early one morning he was down and in pain. Dr. Clark came out immediately and treated him, but by that afternoon he was not getting better. He was taken to the hospital, did not have a good night, and by late afternoon, Magnum passed away. It never gets any easier to lose one of my treasured friends, I work tirelessly to give them the best of care, but sometimes that is not enough. My heart aches but I know my faith in the Lord will carry me through. I still have 18 horses, each with specific needs, that count on me and I am determined to carry on what I started and that is to give them the best life until it is their time to leave this earthly world.
Magnum - Rescued Horse
In March of '06 I received a call from one of our Board Members about a gentleman who needed to find a home for 2 trail horses. He seemed desperate to get them to a loving home before his situation got worse. I gladly accepted his offer to give me these two precious horses and drove an hour to go and pick them up, as I believed from our conversation his situation was already bad. Magnum, the 7 year old Arab has a horrible disfigurement, and I am still not sure what has happened to him. Not only is he impaired from his disfigurement, but he was also literally starving to death. When I brought him home Magnum spent three days with his head in his feeder, surfacing only for air and water. Wow...what a sight! Time will tell what the future holds for this young gelding, but I know for certain he will only have the best here at Forever Free!
Magnum - Rescued Horse Magnum - Rescued Horse
Magnum - Rescued Horse  
Magnum Update: A picture is worth a thousand words. Look at this boy now. He is healthy and beautiful. He still suffers from sway-back, but he doesn't seem to mind. He is happy and thriving at Forever Free where all of his needs are met daily!
Magnum - Rescued Horse  
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