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Rocky - Rescued HorseA TRIBUTE TO ROCKY
Rocky was a wonderful horse.  He and I bonded quickly when he moved in with us.  He loved to have me scratch his back and neck and would actually move his body back and forth as if to say, “scratch more and harder.”

Early afternoon on January 7th, I gave Rocky his usual grain.  He got himself a mouth full, then just stood there as the grain began to fall uncontrolled, out of his mouth.  I knew something was wrong as he began to buckle.  My team and I worked frantically trying to keep him up and walking.  He collapsed under his own weight, and when he was down I could see in his eyes the amount of pain he was in. I placed an emergency call to my veterinarian and he advised I get him up, and get him in immediately.  We finally got him loaded in the trailer and sped off.  After being tested it was discovered his small intestine had twisted and he was suffering greatly.  Because of his old age my vet. advised he would not survive the surgery to correct this condition. And so came the heart-felt, anguished decision to stop Rocky’s pain and suffering.  I said goodbye to my beautiful friend and told him to go be with Squirt and Falstaff, and that one day I would see him again.

Rocky - Rescued HorseGoodbye Rocky my friend.  I will miss you.


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