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A Tribute to Shadow

Shadow - Rescued HorseSHADOW
In December of 2004, I finally took possession of Shadow after waiting four long months. Shadow was actually rescued back in August of "04 along with Brett, but it was decided by her owner at the time, that she would try to continue to work with Shadow during her bout with chronic Founder (Laminitis). Finally deciding to give her up, I received the call to come and get her. After bringing her home my veterinarian and I discussed some options to help relieve her pain. I chose to have a Tenotomy performed on her, and it has helped her tremendously. Oh, she has some good days and a few bad ones, but at least she is more comfortable now. She is now actually standing and eating rather than lying down to eat. I can't imagine how much she has suffered and I believe the pain was immense. What a miracle; what a Blessing. She's a true sweetheart!

Shadow Update:   Shadow has been extremely ill, and well, she lost her battle February 3.  I am deeply, deeply saddened and distraught by this recent turn of events.  You see, my little “pony girl” has had chronic Founder.  We had done everything possible to help her and make her more comfortable including having a tenotomy performed on her hoping to relieve her agony.  When this procedure was first performed it seemed to make a world of difference.  She was even standing long enough to eat instead of having to eat lying down.  Unfortunately, the effects of this procedure only lasted so long and she began to suffer greatly once again.  Shadow has been such a bright spot here at our little ranch and I am going to miss her deeply.  Doug and I were with her at the end, and she knew she has always, always been loved!  To my Shadow girl every beautiful, sunny morning when the ground is filled with cascading shadows coursing across the earth I will think of and remember you always my lovely little friend…

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