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Forever Free Horse Rescue - Silver SILVER
This is an incredible story of faith, hope, and love. Meet Silver. He is an eight year old, 15 1/2 hands, registered Appaloosa that resided in New York. Silver possesses all the dream qualities that a horse lover and owner could ever want except for one small detail. Silver is blind. His owner has struggled with this reality and after researching local horse rescues and sanctuary’s he was hard pressed to find one that had an “availability”, and his attempts were unsuccessful. No one wanted a blind horse. But then, something wonderful happened. I was contacted via email explaining Silver’s desperate plight. When I agreed to take Silver on, I knew this was going to be no easy task, for I have never dealt with a blind horse. Silver’s owner agreed to pay to have him shipped to Forever Free. Silver’s journey began on Sunday March 20th and ended March 27th. Unfortunately, Silver arrived with a temperature of 105, and the vet. said it was due to “shipping fever”. Shipping fever is essentially a combined infection involving the lungs (pneumonia) and the pleural cavity (pleuritis). Silver was started on antibiotics, and today he is well and healthy. His ability to find his way and rely on his other senses is astounding. I have been filled with excitement and anxiety all at the same time, but Silver has eased my heart and mind. He is so aware of my presence and he senses he is home. I am finding Silver to be intelligent, a fast learner, and adapts to new situations quite quickly. He has no behavioral problems like biting, kicking, cribbing, etc. and is content to graze and be lovingly talked to. He definitely is a people horse, preferring human contact to that of other horses. He genuinely loves attention and affection. He is a treasured, new addition to our family and I am just thrilled that he is finally home!
Forever Free Horse Rescue - Silver
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