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Sunny - Rescued HorseSUNNY
Isn't it obvious where this beautiful boy gets his name? This is Sunny. Sunny was found knee-high in manure and covered in flies. He has been thriving since being in our care, but had recently developed chronic diarrhea and had lost a considerable amount of weight. After much intervention from Dr. James Clark, our veterinarian, we were able to control this condition. Soon after, Sunny developed a cough which became rather alarming. We found he was no longer able to tolerate eating hay so he had been put on a diet of saturated grain which he is able to slurp down. Dr. Clark has also determined that Sunny has an obstruction in his throat, and feels at the age of 29, surgery may not be the best thing for him so we are currently in a holding pattern. Meanwhile, Sunny is happy and doing well living his life Forever Free with peace, happiness and a full belly! Even on a cloudy day you can not diminish the brightness known as Sunny!

Nothing but the best for my Sunny!


My dear sweet Sunny. At 35 years old, Sunny was such a ray of sunshine to all who knew him. When I rescued him from deplorable conditions in 2005, he had problems with his knees and needed extra special care when his feet were trimmed. As he progressed in age, arthritis set in and in the past few months became so severe, he was having trouble getting up. I could not let him continue on, knowing one day he would not be able to get up at all. So, through flowing tears I said goodbye to my beautiful little ray of sunlight, my Sunny. One more heartbreaking loss for all of us here at Forever Free.Sunny - Rescued Horse


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