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Taffy - Rescued Horse
Taffy - Rescued Horse
Taffy - Rescued Horse

I'd like you to meet Taffy. She is a Belgium Draft, thought to be in her teens. She was a work horse when her owner realized she was no longer capable of doing her job. She was scheduled to be euthanized, but after a few days of treatment the vet. saw some hope for Taffy and that is where I came in. Her owner gladly accepted my offer to not euthanize Taffy and let her come live out her life with us. With a good trim, lots of rest and more love than she could possibly take in, Taffy seems comfortable and very happy in her new home. We love you Miss Taffy. Welcome to our family!

UPDATE: Taffy has developed a severe condition known as DDFT, which is contracted tendons, meaning the tendons in her legs are shortening. This makes it very difficult for Taffy to move. It is a struggle for her to rise each morning, and once she does she constantly shifts her weight from one side to the other trying to find a comfortable balance and she is treated daily for this condition. In the meantime, Taffy is treated like the beautiful princess she is being nurtured with love, respect, and a nice full belly.

A Tribute to Taffy: Somehow the words I need to express escape me. I have reviewed past newsletters that have informed you, our friends and supporters of the passing of each of our horses detailing every loss, and I need to tell you that this particular task never gets any easier. With each passing of our beautiful family members I lose an irreplaceable peace of my heart; this time that piece is named Taffy. Such a beautiful gift to Forever Free with the sweetest soul you could ever know. Sadly, Taffy lost her battle with DDFT on June 9th, 2008. Towards her life's end her pain level became intolerable, and well, she simply refused to rise anymore. With a look of great sadness and pain in her eyes, I knew in my heart she was trying to convey to me that she just could no longer go on. With great love and respect I knew it was "time" and the decision was made to allow her the final piece, dignity. and pain-free hereafter that she desired and so deserved. On June 9th Taffy moved from this world to the next and I take great comfort in knowing that this is only a temporary parting and that one day I will be surrounded by my lovely horses that have gone on before me., and together, all of us will be Forever Free! Until we meet again my sweet friend.....

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