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Topper - Rescued Horse

This is Topper and he is a beautiful boy! He came to us from Pegasus Riding Academy where it was determined that he would be unable to be used as a riding/teaching horse to handicapped students due to issues with his feet. He has unfortunately been diagnosed with Cushings Disease. In his hey-day he could be seen in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California for several years. What a marvelous addition this stunningly beautiful creature is, and we are so happy to have him as part of our family.

UPDATE: A Tribute to Topper

On Thursday December 28th, 2007 Topper went down, and it was evident that he was in a tremendous amount of pain and an emergency call went out to our veterinarian, Dr. James Clark. Topper was medicated, loaded in the trailer and taken to the hospital. Dr. Clark said at about 4:00 AM Friday morning Topper passed away peacefully. He suffered from displacement volvulus torsion (twisted gut) colic. This was the most painful and unexpected turn of events; he was just fine hours earlier! I am constantly reminded that life is so fragile. I will never get used to this no matter how many times death must be faced. Each loss brings deep sadness and a void that can not be filled no matter how many horses we have..

Topper my beautiful friend yours is a life that was unexpectedly cut short. I will never forget your quiet strength and the love in your eyes! You will be profoundly missed!

Topper - Rescued Horse
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