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Forever Free Horse Rescue - Wyndham

Wyndham’s owner was suffering with health issues and I was asked if I had a place for his horse at my rescue. At the time we did not have a space available, and after a two year wait we finally accepted Wyndham to join our Forever Free family. Wyndham is a beautiful boy but suffers from chronic feet problems and has such a difficult time raising himself up. His pain is obvious, as he limps throughout his paddock, but we are working faithfully to decide the best route to take to help him. He may require special shoes. I am so thankful I was able to accommodate Wyndham. Since Wyndham’s arrival I have grown to adore this horse. He is so big, and graceful, and beautiful, and such a love. He loves attention of all kinds and is quite the people loving horse. Wyndham…..I will forever love you.


At only 11 years old, Wyndham’s health began to steadily decline. I fought hard for him, trying everything to keep him as comfortable as possible, but ultimately nothing seemed to work. His final X-rays revealed what I did not want to hear. He was diagnosed with chronic recurrent active laminitis and I realized that his feet could no longer carry him without unbearable pain. So as hard as it was, and always is, I let Wyndham go so he would no longer suffer. He had such a kind and gentle spirit and was patient and loving. What I will miss most is the way he would rest his head against me as if to say, “I love you, thank you.” I will keep your memories close to my heart always.

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